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Poltergeist: The Ghosts in the Machines
Poltergeist: The Ghosts in the Machines

The current reading suggests several ways that moving picture storytelling changed when it moved from the cinema to television. Give an example from the textbook and from your own experience. How is the experience of watching a film in the movie theater different from watching a TV show? 

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    Tamam Musleh (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 07:40)

    The experience of being in a movie theatre is much more intense than watching a movie on TV. I think that the cinema forces the audience to pay attention to every detail in the movie. Being at home your used to your environment which causes you to lose focus and not really care as much for the movie. Theaters screens just grab your attention much more and the sound systems. "A new screen had already overshadowed the movie screen , television" (209) as said the screens in theaters are much more attractive than trlevision screens.

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    Dina Khaled (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 08:05)

    ''Film was always available on television'' (pp.211)
    TV was from the very beginning, movies were shown on TV before the cinema was created. there is many differences between the TV and the Cinema, TV in houses makes you more comfortable when you watch a film or anything else, but in the Cinema you must stick to a certain rules, and most of the time you don't feel comfortable sitting on a chair without making any comments on any screen because you will make noise in the theater which no one will let you do so, but also there is a positive sides in watching a movie in the cinema which is the sound system and also the screen is too big and wide makes you interact with the movie itself, the interaction with the film in your house on the TV is less than watching the film on a big wide screen on the cinema theater . As in the reader it says that''our reception and perception of television are very different from what happens to us in a movie theater, the space is different: domestic rather than public, inside rather than out'' (pp.211). for me I prefer to watch a film in my own house because I feel more comfortable than watching the film in a cinema theater. although the sound system is much better and also makes you concentrate much better, I can make the house a better place to watch a film by turning the lights as in the cinema, and make a better sound system, and watch alone to concentrate on the film itself not anything else.

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    Rawnaq abu laban (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:13)

    Watching a movie at home is very different from watching a movie in cinema. Many people who watch movies at home do not feel enthusiasm for the film, and do not give the film its importance. Many people are using the TV as a need to watch anything without significance. As mentioned in the book (page 211), "Television became the means to satisfy the driving need for visual narratives". So people use it as need too watch anything.
    Depending on my experience watching a movie in the cinema especially if it was 3D, makes me feel that I'm in the outside world which is the world that let me feel that everything around me is moving and real. and that's much cooler from watching a movie in the TV.

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    Tala Zeitawi (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:15)

    Going to the Cinema is much more fun than sitting at home watching T.V. the Cinema has a larger screen, with a high resolution, which would be a change for a person. having yourself feel in a different environment like how it says in the book "Going to see a movie meant going out of the house. It was a communal,urban experience"(chp6 pg.211), seeing new people around you and sometimes you even feel the popcorn tastes better in the Cinema. A larger screen and a larger image pulls the person to it and makes one feel they're inside the movie especially if its in 3D.

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    Shazza Zeitawi (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:46)

    As it is stated on page 211: "Going to see a movie meant going out of the house." From my own experience, I think that watching a movie at the cinema is much more interesting than watching a movie at hom on television, where "it is situated as a piece of house-hold furniture to be stared at; it is usually watched in the light and with other things going on in the room." (P:212)
    This quotation shows that watching a film at home can get boring after a while because it's the same exact environment each day and can get distracted easily, while watching a movie at the cinema can be more entertaining because you would be watching a movie on a big screen situated in a dark room and the sounds are loud, where one would be focusing only at the movie itself. If the movie would be in 3D, then it would be much more appealing and interesting to the audience; the chairs would vibrate if for example, one would be driving a fast car or riding a running horse and if there's fire in the movie, then the room would feel hot and if there's rain in the movie then water would be sprinkled on top of the heads of the audience. By making these actions, one would feel like he's in the movie acting with the characters himself, which makes him feel like it's all real.

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    Aya Nafei (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:47)

    Watching a movie in the cinema is much more exciting then watching it on a tv at home, mainly because when watching the movie in the cinema you feel like you are a part of the movie , and it's like you're in a whole different setting than where you really are. Like the book says Going to see a movie meant going out of the house. It was a communal,urban experience"211 . with a different setting than the one you are used to , you see the movie in a whole other way.

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    Yara Masri (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 11:40)

    Watching a movie in the cinema is much more exciting and fun.When you watch a movie at home on Tv there are many destracting factors.On the other hand watching a movie in the cinema forces you to get completely engaged with the movie,the high voice,the big screen they all catch the audiences' concentration which help the movie to leave a bigger effect on the audience.As the book mentioned "going to see a movie meant going out of the house.It was a communal ,urban experience",pg.21.

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    Sabi Abu-Swelim (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 12:40)

    The experience of watching a film in the movie theater different from watching a TV show. Actually, despite the fact that TV "became the means to satisfy the driving need for visual narratives", our manner of "reception and perception" of TV are different from the experience of being in the movie theater (Kolker 211). To illustrate, the movie theater is a "perfect lure" where we get to do both being hypnotized by the lights, the darkness, the big wide screen; the other bodies inside the theater and their gazes and whispers, and being lured and lost in gazing into the screen. Moreover, "watching a film... on television is not integral but fragmented", which means it is not a full uninterrupted experience; you lose attention and definitely you lose your taste and most importantly your choice. Because, in a movie theater "you go out to a movie and choose a specific film to go to", while you can't do this when you are watching a TV, whatever is there on the screen you have to go with it (212). I think based on my own experience, that watching a film in the theater is completely different, it can be both a private and public experience at the same time if we want to.

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    Lama Sub-Laban (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 13:15)

    in the book it is said that when we are watching the film in our house it is: "usually watched in the light and with other things going on in the room" (P.212)
    and this is exactly what happens, however, watching a movie in the cinema is much more interesting that watching it in the house, because the whole environment changes when we watch it in the cinema, the lights are off, a big wide screen is in-front of us, and we are sitting in a comfortable seat, and it is guaranteed that no one will bother us while watching the movie, no one will pass in-front of the TV and make you miss a scene of the movie, no one will talk in the cinema, The cinema Environment is all focused on watching the movie in a big screen and a load voice.

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    Mae Shuaib (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 13:16)

    “The pessimistic view is that the movie screen and the television screen will become almost identical” (p 220) What differs from the movie played in cinemas from televisions is the interaction with one another, scenery, food and surrounding space. At home you can eat whatever you want, not having to worry if you’re making noise and you can sit wherever you want. At times you may be home alone and you focus on the movie only or you may be in a house hold full of people whom distract you, call you a million times, ask you to answer the phone or door. In the cinema you watch a film in a space that is completely dark because your focus is on the big screen and it’s a great feeling just to focus on the movie not having to worry about interruptions of some family member.
    It’s the experience you have watching in a movie theater that differs from watching a movie at home. Watching a film on a television screen doesn’t have you focused as much as you are in a theater because you are surrounded by many rooms, household items, and etc. One major difference is that in television, commercials come up all the time but in a movie theater there are no commercials just the one hour to two hour movie playing. I prefer watching anything on the tv screen because I wait for varieties of series and movies to come and it strives me more because it is on certain days and times as for cinemas certain films only show at certain periods.
    Its opinionated which one prefers to go to because some people don’t go to cinemas, don’t have a tv or some people don’t like watching anything on tv. “Movies ask people to come out to the theater where they can see the melodramatic, the fantastic, and the uncanny and be moved” (213) It’s nice to go to a cinema for a change in experience and surrounding environment especially if its playing in 3D because you can feel the images actually coming at you and chairs moving but a 3D movie at home you don’t have these experiences. There is a public versus private interaction and rules in both the house and theater. At home you are free of seating and watching but in the cinema there are strict rules implied on all because you are surrounded with strangers all must be respected; watch the movie without making noise, not to block peoples view from excitement of watching the movie in a theater.

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    Eliaa (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 14:59)

    I've never experienced watching a film in a theater. If I am alone at the theater, I will watch, if not, I won't. I like to watch movies alone, and sometimes I watch with my husband.
    "Going to see a movie meant going out of the house.It was a communal ,urban experience"p.211
    When I want to watch a movie at home, I choose the right time, because I don't like to be disturbed while I am watching. I raise the volume as I want and I do what makes me comfortable. I might not be able to do that in the theater.
    I will try the movie theater someday, even if I don't prefer it, who knows, I might like it.
    "Movies ask people to come out to the theater where they can see the melodramatic, the fantastic, and the uncanny and be moved" p.213
    Nowadays TVs are much more different than before, the technology has changed, it made TVs like theater screens! Very clear and very pure images. The sound as well, but in the theater the sound makes you feel that your are inside the film and you are truly living it.
    "The quality of light and shadows is different; it has another kind of visual presence. When HDTV becomes available, a new kind of cinematography, or videotography, will be emerge that will allow imaginative film or video makers to create as intricate and subtle as any on film." p.219

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    Dima Akel (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 15:28)

    ''our reception and perception of television are very different from what happens to us in a movie theater, the space is different: domestic rather than public, inside rather than out'' (pp.211). this is very true. your environment for watching should be placed in the theatre where movies are meant to be watched ans expieranced. what is the point of watching a movie, if all the excitement in it will be lost? nothing, in fact it is ruined. especially if its a 3D movie- then you definitely are not watching it right if its from your bedroom. anonymous once said movies are meant for the theatre not your ipads or laptops.and this is entirely true. you wont get the same interaction with the movie with all of its affects if its coming from your laptop, instead you need o be front and center at the theatre to get the movies real deal

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    Motaz Alshaer (Tuesday, 25 March 2014 16:16)

    "TV and film are very different. Film represents the outside world. Going to see a movie meant going out of the house" (P.211). Actually, watching a film in theater is more interesting and effective. first TV invented to show different programs it could be news, kids programs, movies...etc but movie theater made only for presenting films. Also, watching a film in theater better because the viewer will give whole attention and will be focusing on the screen, the lights are off except screen light, the room is quite, the screen is very big and high resolution. On the other hand, watching a film on TV is different because television is a piece of home furniture, small screen with not enough good quality screen, the lights are on usually, also the concentration will not be stable with the things in the room or family member making noise. "television are very different from what happens to us in a movie theater.The space is different : domestic rather than public, inside rather than out. The focus of concentration is different" (P.211). In addition, when we go out to a movie theater we choose a specific film to watch and all we have to stay in this film to the end but television is shared by all members. "television becomes a kind of communal experience, though different from film and movie theater" (P.212).

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    Saja Surkhi (Wednesday, 26 March 2014 03:50)

    The experience of watching the film in a movie theater it gave the audience the sense of a unique experience, the writer said :”It was a communal , urban experience” (p.211) . This explains that feeling of an audience going to watch the movie in the theater is an “urban “ experience which means that let them experience feeling they never will be experienced if they watched it at home, and after this quote the writer explained the difference between the theater and the T.V. For example, the lightening, the screen size. From my experience I found that watching the film in a movie theater leaves another impression in your soul and feeling toward the film and toward the time that you’ve spent in the theater. For example, I found that the lightening in the theater that all focused on the big screen , the resolution of the screen, also the experience of you being sitting with huge number of people who ‘re also silent and just watching the same film as you , you feel that this film has an importance just because it has the influence to collect all those people in one place to watch it, and if the film is not shown there willn’t be any other reason to collect them in one place. Also I found that in the theater there’s people who’re reacting toward a certain scenes and you hear their voice when they astonished, or laughing , those things I didn’t notice when you’re watching the film alone at the home.
    Moreover, the experience by itself is unique as you see people when they are all entering the theater with their desire to watch the film , they really excited and almost can't wait to the moment that film will be shown , and after the film ends you see the reaction on the people’s face expressions , or may be you hear them curing the time that they spend it in theater , or asking to watch it again.

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    Dana abu hamdieh (Wednesday, 26 March 2014 04:56)

    Watching a movie in a theatre is an experiance And watching a tv show is a different one. Watching a movie in a theatre first thing is a bigger screen and louder sound effects which makes a movie more fun to watch and a bigger audiance if it is a horror film it is too many screams and if it is a funny one it is too many laughs. While watching tv shows from a television can be different 'the space is different: domestic rather thanpublic, inside rather than out.the focus of concentration is different: television is situated as a peice of household furniture to be stared at.'(pg.211) the experiance is different it is more private , which sometimes can be preffered rather than being out and enjoy it in a different way.

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