This Photo project originates with iPhone photographs taken during 2013 and 2014 in Palestine. The idea was to be able to trace often travelled routes with broad geographical context and photographic detail. This route on a Flickr account in "Map" mode depicts how I would travel to work in Abu Dis from Ramallah.  


At some time since we executed the project in March 2014, Yahoo disabled the automatic upload of geotags. One now has to manually enter coordinates.

 The screen shot below illustrates some of the same images in Adobe Lightroom "Map" mode. On the Flickr site and in Lightroom you can zoom in to clusters, go to various viewing modes and in at least one of those modes download images that may be useful. However, to my knowledge you still cannot export an interactive map out of Lightroom.


There is a similar problem with Google Photos now that they've done away with Panoramio. Google has also done away with Google Maps Engine.


There are other options like Story Maps which looks extremely powerful, complicated and for more than one user, expensive. And the desktop version is only for PCs.



Another way to view this map is to overlay the Israeli Separation Barrier. This view was generated using the Layer function and Opacity Tool in Photoshop. The maps are different sizes and scales so they do not line up perfectly but you can start to see the reason for the less than direct route between Ramallah and Abu Dis. 



Finally the emak shaveh graphic map of "Greater Jerusalem" which is derived from the B'tselem map of the Israeli Separation Barrier.


You can also download free for personal or educational use any or all of these images with geotags intact from my Google Photos account

Another Lightroom screen shot this time of a much smaller area, representing the central souk, or open-air market in Ramallah.