Final Project Proposal

You have all sent me ideas for your final video project and I will attempt to respond to all of these e-mails on an individual basis. However, I suggest that you work in small groups of 2-3. Of course you may work alone if you like but in either case you must post a more fully developed project idea on the blog this week. This may take the form of an outline or shot list. Or it may be a more fully developed text describing your idea. Please also indicate if you are in a group or not and who are the group members. 

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    Qusay, Nadim and Maen (Saturday, 29 March 2014 11:47)

    Four guys playing cards (Tarneeb) two partners against two partners, the loser partners beat each other. Then they play another round they win then they conciliate with each other.
    Names: First round:-
    winners: Haytham & Shareef Losers: Abed & Mohammad Second round:-
    Winners: Abed & Mohammad Losers: Haytham & Shareef Location: inside – living room After the first round Mohammad slaps Abed accusing him that he is the reason why they lost the round and he call him a donkey partner, then Abed slaps Mohammad back and the get in fight with each other (wrestling) who brings the other down. Haytham and Shareef try to break up the fight and stop both of them and they convince them to play another round. Abed and Mohammad win this round and Mohammad shout out loud “ GOD” and both of them Mohammad and Abed stand up and they apologize to each other. During the whole scene there is a fifth character that is sitting alone looking at his friends and bored of what they are doing. This character will be considered as the marginalized character that doesn't take a part in fights and games. He is their friend that always make fun of people who become serious when they play "Tarneeb".

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    Dina khaled,Aya kurd, Asma (Sunday, 30 March 2014 15:03)

    (Surveillance in the home):
    - the video will show how the surveillance devices especially the cameras affect people ,their feelings, their interaction with their homes and their behaviors through different shots. Also how the surveillance devices make people feel that they are live under the control (they don't have freedom).
    Details for the idea of the final video:
    Acting shots:
    -First shot will show how the usage of surveillance devices could be a good way to control children’s behaviors. (Actors: Two or three children, Adam and Omar).
    -Second shot will show how people feel when there are a surveillance devices in their home for example use a character to do different face expressions(angry ,annoy, fear..(The actor could be male or female, Dina or qais).
    -Third shot will show male or female teenagers( Aya, or mahdy) who are living under the surveillance devices and they act like they are under the control of these devices such as camera.
    -Fourth shot will show exactly how the surveillance devices could change the family dynamic and their interaction in this privet place "their home". (The actors are the parents, their sons and daughters)
    -another shot will show how the usage of camera could be helpful in a privet room when someone has a privet stuff or information. (Actor could be male or female), Asma's room or Khalid's room

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    Philip Hopper (Monday, 07 April 2014 08:24)

    Qusay, Nadim and Maen - so this is an "everyday life" story? Maybe the Tarneeb character can comment on the card game - could be VO - could make the video more interesting.

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    Philip Hopper (Monday, 07 April 2014 08:30)

    Dina khaled,Aya kurd, Asma - okay surveillance in the home. Each one of your "shots" sounds like a "scene" to me. And a scene is usually made up of a series of shots. Unless each "shot" is taken as if it is from an actual surveillance camera. Is that what you had in mind?

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    Motaz Alshaer, Atef Shkokani and Sabe Abuswelim (Monday, 07 April 2014 08:44)

    Nostalgia is a short film represents good memories of a man in the past. It’s define as everyday activity short film. The reason of choosing this film is to show how human being thinks of good memory and sees it as a sequence of scenes in his mind. It’s a silent movie let the audience think what is going to happen in another scene. The story is about a man who sits alone in calm place watching beauty of nature around him and finds a reel on the ground. He picks it and put it in his pocket. He notice two friends meet each other for first time after long time passed. So, he remembers his best friend when he leaves him for long time. The other flashback comes to his mind after he picks a flower from garden and sees two lovers sitting and talking to each other. He remembers his past lover when he was sitting next to her and gives her a flower. The last memory scene comes to his mind after he sees football players playing in stadium, he remembers his favorite hobby football and how he was playing. Then he goes to his home and looks at the reel, he surprises it’s the same scenes of his past memory. He sits on his office and opens his album and start looking at his memory pictures… THE END

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    Hayat Hamdan (Monday, 07 April 2014 10:33)


    I'm going to work with Dima Akel on the final project.

    Our idea is show two student characters and compare between them in their way of studding. the purpose of this project is to clarify the best way to study and how to avoid being late in doing homework's. we are going to focus on time therefore the video will start by a shot for a clock.
    The first character will be a smart student, the second character is the lazy student. their will be other secondary characters such as: mother, sister and three friends.
    Location : Day At Home- Off Day
    The first shot will show a clock at time 7:00
    the next scene will show the smart student wake up and take the breakfast, while in the same time the lazy student will still sleep. so the video will show the time then a scene for each of the students practice. at the end the clock is 9: the smart student finish his studies and goes to sleep at the same time the lazy student didn't finish his study and still awake.

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