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According to the reading, why did writers invent robots before robots were actually invented? Why do you think humanoid robots, robots shaped more or less like us, hold so much fascination for so many people? 

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    Asma' (Monday, 07 April 2014 17:15)

    The writer invented robots as a way of exploring human feelings about technology and the depth of these feelings "may yet surprise their makers and users.
    And the idea of robots was imagined in print and on film long time before the creation of factories. The robots also was kind of science fiction, but they become real. The robots help human in a lot of jobs especially " dull, dirty, dangerous one."
    "Humans can come together to do things they cannot do alone;; in future they will increasingly come together with robots to do things they cannot otherwise do so easily, or in some cases at all" and this is the main reason that make the robots as a fascination .
    And there are some jobs and things that human need help in doing them. The exert a fascination is because of the robots' designers and fans and for business the fascination is the fortune. The producers also build robots in many shapes and sizes The robots is mostly humanoid they designed for service as vacuum the floors of the house and they are designed for surgery. The robots also will fit into the social life, they will need to take both casual and formal instructions and to meet expectations and hard tasks and these things make them almost as human beings.

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    Motaz Alshaer (Tuesday, 08 April 2014 06:03)

    Writers invent robots to make inventors think of imaginary world and apply it on real word. They wants people to become more interested in technology and try to make new idea that simulate virtual world to real world."Writers invented robots as a way of exploring human feelings
    about technology;the depth of those feelings may yet surprise their makers and users" (P.5).

    Humanoid robots uses artificial intelligence to make the robots acts like human, so now humanoid robots can perform human tasks which is very similar to human behavior. The simulation of humanoid robots to a human body will give better understanding of human like speech recognition or doing such a task. Also, These kind of robots works as assistants in human jobs and if someone is sick...etc. "But just as the need to work at a range of tasks in the human world can force robots into a humanoid shape, so the need to work with humans in that world means that many of them will become, to some extent, socially humanoid. The most useful robots will be those that are best suited to working with people" (P.5).

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    Aya Kurd (Friday, 11 April 2014 16:36)

    The rapid movement of technology still surprise people with time and one of this technology is the robot. I think that the writer invent robots before robots were actually invented because he knows that people will shock in the future and with the existence of the Robots in their life. At the same time Robot is one of the important technology which was found by human's intelligence and by human's creativity because it works and behave under human's control ,and the main purpose of this is to make the tasks of life easier and faster . Robots are a type of simulation they're not real but they do real things on the ground . Robots used in the (dangerous tasks , in the medical fields, everyday tasks…). Robot behave an act like humans but it will never be exactly like human because human found it and they discover Robot to help them in different and hard tasks: "Humans can come together to do things they cannot do alone ; in future they will increasingly come together with robots to do things they cannot otherwise do so easily, or in some cases at all". I see that in the future the Robots will be a fascination for so many people especially if they become use them in the social life , it will cause a big changes in people's daily life. Also it will change their senses and feeling toward each other and toward things , I think Robots will be very helpful for lazy people because they do different tasks(hard or easy tasks) and it will be a normal thing after a big shock!

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    Dina Khaled (Sunday, 13 April 2014 14:38)

    Robots are changing our lives, some to the best, and some others to the worse, our depending on robots become more and more by the days, the human intelligence is going beyond and beyond our expectations of science, helping the world to become a better place to live in, is what the creator of these robots are aiming to achieve, but does it really work with them ? not much, the new technology with the robots in is taking more of our lives, it is capturing us under these new technologies which control our own lives, but in some cases we do need robots in which they do and achieve tasks that human being in some point can't do as robots can, such as; increase the productivity by the robot which can make the production raise to have the efficiency, to overcome the shortage of the skill manpower, and so the robots made many of the manual labor that was almost extinct, or the performance of the job was difficult the robots did the job as it is with high quality, to provide flexibility in the industrial business, and also robots can be reprogrammed to work in different work field.

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    Dina al Shareef (Monday, 14 April 2014 07:35)

    writers invented robots before robots were actually invented based on their view of what they expect future would look like and how far human intelligence will drive the world to. robots are emotionless and they fit to some departments that the humans are unable to do efficiently for an example humans can't survive in the extreme environments like outer space or at the bottom of the sea where humans could not survive. so or need to a mechanical or virtual artificial agent is what lead writers to think or imagine robots as the answer to developing.

    robots are invented to perform repetitive and dangerous tasks which we are unable to do due for size limitations or because we prefer not to do it. so because robots have replaced humans or what they can do is an extension to human abilities, robots are shaped more like humans.

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    Maen Radaideh (Monday, 14 April 2014 08:23)

    Writers invented robots before they were invented, because at that time technology continues development and the idea of inventing a real robot was not that difficult also they invented robots before they were invented to give the people more imagination about technology.

    robots can be in different sizes and shapes, also robots have different jobs. there is robots which in factories, also there is robots that clean homes and the robots which were invented for social life and to communicate with people. these robots can do many jobs at the same time. on the other hand humans cant do the same thing.

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    Yazan ALhroub (Monday, 14 April 2014 08:33)

    robots were invented by writers before actually making real ones because to make a new idea for movies and stories. and to build the technology imagination into those people minds. the scientists had a motivation reason to start making a real robots.
    robots make life a lot easier for us as humans, plus they can do many things that us as humans cant do such as testing car airbags, if for example us humans try it we might lose our lives. robots can help also in house holding such as cleaning the house while your at work, in general robots help us a lot in life, help people have a better and easier life as human beings.

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    Nadim Alayaseh (Monday, 14 April 2014 13:46)

    According to the reading, the author states "Writers invented robots as a way of exploring human feelings about technology; the depth of those feelings may yet surprise their makers and users." In other words, writers technology is not only a physical and a touchable thing. It also can be related to human feelings and imagination that can represent human's virtual reality. But for some reason people are afraid from the evolutionary development of the robots. This might lead to slowing down the process of inventing more robots. However, As well as people and humans are different by shape and the jobs they are involved with, Robots are also different; every Robot has its own description and potentials. Some are big and some are tall..etc. Humanoid Robots, are similar to human in their attitude and the things that they can do. But they have no souls and also no feelings. Therefore, they are completely a smart servants that can make people's life more easy and can lead to a faster achievement at manufactures and at home as well.

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    Nadine Swaity (Monday, 14 April 2014 16:22)

    Imagined the idea of ​​robots in print and on film long time before the establishment of factories. Robots were also a kind of science fiction , but they become real . Robots help human in a lot of special functions " dull , dirty , and dangerous one . ",
    Humanoid robots that uses artificial intelligence to make robots act like a man , and yet humanoid robots can perform human tasks that are very similar to human behavior
    " Humans can come together to do things that can not be done alone ; ; in the future will come increasingly with robots to do the things you can not do otherwise easily , or in some cases at all," and this is the main reason why robots as magic . "
    But the real fear here robots replace humans .. everything from my point of view is like the coin have two sides . Terms of its pros and its cons,
    if we replace three workers with a robot that's for the company's benefit but what about the workers and their jobs.

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    Philip Hopper (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 02:09)

    Writers invented robots out of both the fear and the fascination about emerging technologies. At first, in the early 20th century, that technology was industrial and becoming automated. Later, in the late 20th century the concept of artificial intelligence or AI emerged and robots capable of thinking were imagined. The reality? As the reading states, "robots are dumb as a doornail." At least for now.

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    Hayat Hamdan (Tuesday, 15 April 2014 02:57)

    According to the text, “Writers invented robots as a way of exploring human feelings about technology; the depth of those feelings may yet surprise their makers and users.” The author claims that the writers thought of the reports in the imaginary world and they want to bring it into reality by creating but they are afraid from the evolutionary development of it. The idea of reports was exist before creating it in factories, because” Robots were imagined in print and on film long before they were created in laboratories and installed in factories”. “The robots are immigrants not from abroad but from the future. Robots remain science fiction to this day, they may have become real, but they continue to be shaped by expectations created by fiction and continuously nurtured by it”. I think robots are replacing the human, that what people are afraid of. Because when robots do the work of human so there is no roll for human I life, they will just depends on the robots going everything and human do nothing. “The reason for this convergence on the humanoid form is that they must function in an environment shaped to human specifications”
    humanoid robots, robots shaped more or less like us, because the producers designed the robots to “operate flexibly in an environment designed for humans, not robots”. Robots can be socially integrated, they can do the house work, medical operation, everything that human can do, this robots also can do. Therefore human can be replaced by robots.

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    Since around then innovation proceeds with improvement and designing a genuine robot was not that troublesome likewise they created robots before they were concocted to give the general population more creative energy about innovation.

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    To some degree, socially humanoid. The most helpful robots will be those that are most appropriate to working with individuals

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