The necklace I chose to wear today is one that was inherited from my great-grandmother, whom we lost in early 2013. Many of the jewelry I wear day-to-day was either hers or my grandmother’s. I’ve also worn their jewelry for occasions that were significant, since neither of them were able to see many of my biggest milestones in life. By keeping items they owned close to me, it helps to dull the pain that they were never able to see me grow up. This is true of several of my other close extended family members, and this small action helps to remind me of them, and keep them close. - Taylor Lien



My personal item is a pair of sunglasses that my father had before he died. They are really nice and it reminds me of him whenever I wear them. I have them in my car at all times just in case the sun is too much. Just a week ago I brought them to the homecoming game, but didn’t need them. These sunglasses are not only extremely fashionable, but they also mean a lot to me.  - Reese Stolte



This watch is extremely special to me because it is the watch that my girlfriend gave to me in eighth grade.This watch symbols our relationship because time is endless, time is precious, time is everything, just like my relationship. This watch has been with me this whole time and you can see it, all the nicks and scratches but through time that's what happens. You see this watch isn't just a watch it, this watch symbolizes our relationship in a way. If the time keeps ticking then we are still ticking. When we are together time flies by when I wish it would slow down. Every time that I look down at my watch I go back to the moment when she gave it to me, who knew to this day that I would still be with her. - Aaron Graham



A cubes pieces click and snap into place trying to find the spot where they started. Finally one of 43 quintillion permutations can be checked off the list. A little cube scrambled, solved and re-scrambled so many times it could practically solve itself. Little did this cube know that it would see the cracked cobblestone streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, the white sandy beaches of Florida, the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple or the sea spray of Seattle. How could it know it was just a cube, after all? - Collins Chase



The item I chose to represent me is a box I made filled with memories from places I’ve been and things I’ve seen. The box looks like a book, and I painted it to resemble the cover of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go, one of my favorite books as a child (and who am I kidding? I love it even as an adult). Inside there are several programs and tickets from shows I’ve seen, both locally and on Broadway, passes to museums I’ve visited, and even movie ticket stubs. I love going places, and it’s nice to have a box to keep memories in. The box is already pretty full, but I hope to continue filling it as I work toward my bucket list item of visiting all 50 states. - Abby Rollins



The special item that I have brought to share with the class would be my necklace. This necklace is a gift my aunt had brought back to the states from Bosnia when she was visiting back in 2008. This necklace might seem like any ordinary necklace to other people but to me it has a meaning. Besides the fact that the meaning of the necklace indicates the religion of Islam, it holds more meaning to me than just that. My aunt took care of me a lot when I was a child. When she emigrated to the states, I was just a few months old when she came here. From that day on, I grew closely attached to her. This necklace brings back memories of my childhood, as well as having her by my side when I wear it. An object can mean more to someone than the original meaning. These possessions are special! - Armin Muzafirovic



On December 8th , it was my 16th birthday  and my best friend since the very beginning gave me one of the luckiest presents I have ever received. A Tommy Armour Golf ball, not the fanciest gold ball ever, but definitely not the most average either. It’s a pretty common golf ball used among college and semi pro golfer's. The reason it is so special to me is because the first golf meet I used it at, I golfed the best game of my entire life and scored an eagle on my very last drive. It was good luck that day, and I have never used it to golf after that. But I still carry it with me in my backpack to this very day, in hopes to continue to get good luck from it. - Nick Langel



The personal item I chose to describe is my Charlie Chaplin T-shirt. Although I’ve only had this item for about two or three years, it means a lot to me because of what it represents. To me, the shirt is a symbol of my love for movies – mainly because my favorite movie of all time is City Lights, directed by Chaplin. More importantly, though, the shirt reminds me of my Aunt Debbie, who passed away earlier this year. Every Friday growing up, my sister and I would always go over to Debbie’s house and watch movies of all ages and genres. Some of the movies I best remember watching with my aunt are Labyrinth (starring David Bowie) and the many films of Mel Brooks (such as The Producers and Young Frankenstein). Since my senior year of high school, and especially now in college, my love of movies has blossomed into a life-consuming passion that has led me to pursue a Film Studies minor and has also inspired me to found the current iteration of the UNI Film Appreciation Club. - Clinton Olsasky



This is a photograph of my yearbook class for the 2015-2016 school year. This was my best year of high school. The four other girls in this class and our teacher made that year something special. I had taken yearbook before, but I never really enjoyed my peers or the teacher at the time. Last year, we got a new teacher and made all the difference. On the second-to-last day of school for the seniors, we took group photos of all of us wearing our publications tee shirts. That afternoon, on behalf of the class, I was in charge of printing this very photo and purchasing a frame and gift card to give to our teacher. Bringing the gift bag the next day to class and giving it to her was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. - Gabby Leitner



The item I brought is my pink wristband. It has meaning to me because it is for my mom who is fighting cancer. I wear it all the time because it shows support and that I never stop thinking about her. I used to have another for my friend who passed away from cancer but his broke and unfortunately I do not have another. - Joey Linder




A hair tie is a simple object. It’s just a loop of elastic. The fact that I always keep one on me usually surprises people. After all, my hair is nowhere near long enough to put up. The reason I always keep a hair tie on me is just as simple as the object itself is. It reminds me of my girlfriend. - Addison



I played football at a high school called East Buchanan. For years, we were known for not being good at football. The last time our football team had gone to the playoffs was 2008. Since that, we’ve had nothing but losing seasons (my freshman year we were 2-7, my sophomore year we were 1-8, my junior year we were 3-6). My senior year, our coaches kept promising the seniors that we were going to feel what it’s like to make it to the playoffs, and in my final year playing football for East Buchanan, we achieved it. The fact that it was my last year made it even more special. It felt great to end my high school football career on a high note. This playoff t-shirt is a constant reminder of the time we helped bring a winning team back to our small town. - Anthony Witherow



I chose Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because it really sparked my interest in writing and journalism. Hunter S. Thompson wrote with such a different style than everyone else I've ever read and it caught my attention. To this day it's still my favorite book, and has heavily influenced my writing style. - Zach Painter