The item I chose to bring in on Tuesday October 24th was my grandmothers jean jacket. I chose to bring this item in because it reminds me of going to our family farm in the summer. In my grandparent’s farm house the have a hallway full of hooks for our jackets and a spot for all of our shoes to go. The jackets and sweaters on the hooks are not only for the ones people specifically own, but my grandma keeps a lot of old sweaters and jackets for people to just grab when they are going on a tractor ride, playing out in the yard, or just sitting out on the porch. This jean jacket is one of those jackets. My grandma has had this jean jacket since she was in college and decided to put it on the hooks considering she does not wear it anymore. She figured someone else could get some use out of it. The jean jacket was always my favorite. It was always the jacket I chose even when my own was hung up there. One time when I went to visit I put on the jean jacket and my grandma told me I could take it home since I obviously liked it so much. The jacket reminds me of spending time on the farm so it is very special to me. 

Sarah Ritondale


The item I chose to represent me was my external hard drive. It holds all of my videos from projects that I filmed in the past. Also has many videos of vacations I’ve went on and of personal memories as well. It holds a lot of value to me because if I ever want to watch something I’ve done, I can pull it up and relive it. The hard drive also inspires me because it is a terabyte and I hope to fill it up full one day and see all of my progression. The many places I will go and and see and the people I will work with on projects will also be evident and I can see the evolution of my career.

Jordan Stevenson


Donuts are the key ingredient to every heart healthy breakfast. The donuts I reach for each morning aren’t your average donuts. These donuts can only be found on the bottom row of the candy aisle of any sketchy convenience store. These Little Debbie’s branded donuts are so high class they are only made in three flavors; chocolate, powdered and glazed. If you aren’t into cleaning endless amounts of powdered sugar or biting into tasteless cardboard, then I would recommend doing what I do and avoiding the powered and glazed Little Debbie’s donuts like the plague. But if you have a real refined palate like me I’d strongly recommend the classic chocolate dipped Little Debbie’s donuts. Unlike other donuts sophisticated donuts that cost an arm and a leg for a reasonable price of 99¢ six of these magical donuts could be yours. now if you are big spender like me for a whole dollar more you can get a whopping twenty-five donuts that also come in a resealable bag but let’s be real, you aren’t going to need to reseal the bag. So do what I do and pick up some Little Debbie’s donuts today.

Charles Schwarz


 I am a big fan of baseball and my favorite team would be the Chicago Cubs. Now  I do not just like the Cubs, I love them. They are important to me because it is one of my favorite sports whether I am playing or watching. I grew up playing and watching a lot of baseball and my dad is a huge Cubs fan so I became a huge fan because of him. I am very passionate when it comes to them. For those who do not know, the Cubs have always been known for not being very good throughout the years but within the past 10  or so years they have built a great team. It all paid off in last year in 2016 because they actually won the World Series. That night they won it all would have to be the best night of my life to this day. I have stuck with them through the rough years, so it made it worth it when they won it all last year.

Brandt Culbertson-Jackson


Recently I’ve opened a new door of interest in my life, magic. When we think of a magician, immediately we picture some broke middle aged man who does silly tricks to make an extra buck. Or we think of that weirdo with no family that you hire for your son’s birthday party. But after building a close relationship with a magician, my perception of magicians completely changed. Magicians are very skilled people with a passion for their craft. So as I became closer to this magician, I slowly learned the amount of time it takes to even become a little bit skilled at it. After learning a few tricks, I became very fond of this entertaining activity. These cards represent that interest.

Edger Rodriguez


I brought in my script for the musical I have been working on the past month and a half. The musical is called Title of Show and it is about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical. It's only a four person show and the set is made up of four chairs and a keyboard. You would think the lack of set, costumes, and other production value would make the run of the show easier from a tech standpoint which may be true.  In terms of acting however, the lack of set means we need to make up for it with our acting. This neans we must be high energy for the entire show (an hour and a half including one 15 min intermission) which can get extremely tiring. I play the character Jeff. I've never had to work so hard on a role. I've also never had more fun working on a role. Title of Show is through UNISTA (University if Northern Iowa Student Theater Assocuation) which means it is 100% student run.  Our show opens November 3rd and closes on the 4th. Tickets are freewill donation. If you haven't seen or heard of this show, don't miss out!


Oasheim 1

My personal adornment/object I chose to talk about is my Led Zeppelin t-shirt. I first heard Led Zeppelin when I was six years old riding in the backseat of my dad’s car. The song “Whole Lotta Love” came on the radio and I instantly loved it and sang along. It was not until a few years later that I found out it was Led Zeppelin, and from then on I discovered more about them and fell in love with their music. Learning about Led Zeppelin lead me to find other classic rock bands and develop an interest in classic rock music. Today, classic rock is my favorite genre and I have learned many songs on my guitar from that era. I also have attended a lot of rock concerts of bands from that time, but my dream would be to see Led Zeppelin live in concert if they ever decided to reform.

 Michaela Schnetter

The item is brought is my laptop. It is important to me, because it is my sense of identity. I am fairly tech-savvy, so I feel like it is part of me. I enjoy learning new things, editing videos together, and especially taking this class. As I continue to learn more about film and how to correctly use the equipment, I hope the areas I struggle in will become my strengths and I will notice a great improvement over time. 

Calvin Cook

The item that I brought was a Canon XF105 professional camera. These are the highest quality cameras offered to us students at the university. It took me awhile to get to this camera, but when I got it, I fell in love with it. The reason that this is so important to me is because I am in the process of making a documentary film and quality is a big deal to me. Films become a piece of history and the quality of the film as well as the message will last forever. I would like this project to reach the highest platform it can. The idea of the film is very original and will naturally attract a diverse crowd of audiences. I think that it is imperative that the quality of the film is as good as it can be, and this camera can lead the way in achieving that goal, thanks to the university. 

Emmett Lynch


My personal item was my California shirt. California is my favorite state. I used to go to San Diego each year with my mom when I was a kid because that’s where she grew up. Each time I went was really special and I always loved going to the beach and biking up and down the boardwalk. I really enjoy the food and the culture. It’s somewhere where I’d love to be in the next five years.

Jack Johnson


When I first saw this jacket on the members of the band Fall Out Boy, I knew I had to have it. On the back it has “This is our culture”, from the song “Novocain”. I have been a fan of Fall Out Boy since middle school. The lyrics were always extremely relatable for me, and helped me learn who I am as a person. I recently was able to see the band live, which was absolutely amazing. I just really enjoy this band. 

Jasmine Aquino

I did not bring one specific item for my portrait, but my outfit as a whole is what I chose to represent me. I was born into loving fashion, as my mom dressed me in nice clothing everyday. I do not think I owned leggings and sweatshirts as a child. As I continued to get older, I felt most comfortable dressing nicely. I attended a small town public school where the clothing of choice was a school t-shirt and sweatpants, but I continued to wear skirts and makeup daily. To me, fashion is a form of art. It is a way of expressing one’s self. Clothing can speak for a person. Because of this, fashion is a huge part of my major of Digital Media Journalism. I want to work for fashion magazines as a career. This is why I chose clothing for my portfolio item. 

Koree Deering