A deconstruction of the elements and interpretation of meaning in a Carly Fiorina attack ad are here. 


AFF IA TV Ad "Mosque" here re: Bruce Braley.  

As long as we are talking about attack ads, here is one writer's Attack Ad Hall of Fame. 

A link to the Dasssault Systemes show reel. 

Writer Alan Ball is very good at writing scenes that illustrate his characters fantasy life. The clip below is from an episode of Six Feet Under.

Many of you made the point in your papers that "sex sells."

Take a look here.

Be aware that some of these are not "real" ads. In other words they were not made at an ad agency client's request and used to sell product. Why were they made and by whom? Are they culture jams, parodies, satire or something else? 

Download this "map" here. 

The nature of sexual content in advertising has been widely debated. Part of that wide-ranging debate takes place when ads are "hacked" and "culture jamming" takes place.

The question about so-called high and low art is complicated. I prefer to think about culture as existing on a spectrum complicated further by context and other factors.  

A Frontline program about pornography is here. Viewing it is not a requirement. However, in light of some of our classroom discussions it may be valuable for some of you.